Ryan Crowther - Fishing for Fisherman's Village

The best time to have Ryan Crowther on your podcast is two weeks after Fishermans Village Music Festival has just ended and he has ‘nothing’ to do. I’m Kidding! RC has been working hard for the music scene in Everett for many years and this year’s FVMF was a testament to that. However, we mostly talked about his obsession with the peaceful act of fishing. 🐠 🐟 🎣

Only Everything Conversations: Ep10 Taylor Smith

Taylor has been a wonderful and kind friend to me. I appreciate her honesty and bold questioning and of course her passion for knitting. I have not met anyone as enthused about putting yarn together as this woman. Please enjoy a wonderful conversation about knitting and the reason why we wear glasses. hint: it isn't just to see better.

Topic: Knitting, Glasses

Next week: Taylor Best - Star Wars, Tatoos