Sound Affection Volume 1

This is episode 71 of Only Everything, and I thought it might be fun to take a look back to the great sound affections that happened over the first 25 episodes. Please join me for:

Alex Vincini EP. 7 Names, and the creative process

Kelsey Greenleaf EP. 8 Feminism, and Skating

Oliver Elf Army EP. 19 The Great British Bake Off and Europe

Keenan Uriu EP. 20 The Hagakure and The Theory of  Infinity

Thank you all for listening.

Sharing Wheels - Mushrooms

I first learned of Sharing Wheels from a friend who did an assignment on volunteerism with the shop. They take your old bikes and fix them up to be let loose on the world.  Josh Pfister runs their operations and Sarah is one of the volunteers there. She knows a ton about mushrooms I was very impressed. We all met at the Vintage cafe for breakfast and biked over to my place. it was a gorgeous day and a reminder that everybody needs the freedom of wheels, so get yours today!

Nate Reppert - Latte Art

So there is this guy at your friendly neighborhood Silver Cup. His name is Nate and he has a passion for good latte art. His instagram is full of the evidence. Not knowing anything about the world of latte competition I said "teach me!" and he did! Now, the next time someone hands me a cup with a perfectly poured tulip with nice defined lines, and a double heart on top I will be very grateful! We also talk about his intention to take on the Pacific Crest Trail! Maybe when he comes back we can have a 'how did it go conversation'. ^ ^

Bryan Bradley - Casettes

Every time I would see Bryan Bradley walking into a place I would think, 'wow, that guy is super cool.' And I would know that I was in a cool place because he showed up there! Later on I got to know him and I found that he, like so many people in Everett, was a very nice person with a love for music. We talked about being in multiple bands, and selling merchandise to keep the rock and roll dreams alive. Check it out!

Brent Barrie - Post Production

Shokunin Media's own Brent Barrie sat with me and talked about being behind a camera and then behind a computer screen. THERE IS SO MUCH POWER ON THE COMPUTER! as long as you have the right assets first. Also you need some software to make an auto tune thing happen, so I was only able to make something half awesome.... You'll see. We also chat about Twitter and how it sticks around like a family member you don't really want, but it's family. 

Ryan Alexander - Nodra

I know Ryan Alexander from that wonderful Everett band Crystal Desert, and I have always looked at him with awe. This guy has style dripping off of him. We spoke very shortly about how he keeps looking fly, but our conversation was primarily on the meaning of Nodra. I have loved What I have seen from his efforts and the Nodra organization, and I just had to have him on for some more detailed understanding of Nodra's immediate goals. IT'S BIG!