Only Everything: Dada Fructose

Hello loyal listeners. Are your ears ready? Is your mind ready? Today I have some very odd things for you. In which I introduce Adam Bagley and Alex Vincini to Miranda July's 10 million hours a mile album. I left a keyboard in the room and Adam explored it while Alex and I talked of subscriptions, time, and being not wrong.

Topic: Spoken word, Free thinking

Next week: Aaron Hale - Native Americans in the PNW, Drugs?


Only Everything: Henry J

Henry J and I talk about the finer points of muscle men in tights and masks, but enough about music, we also talked about wrestling! Thanks Henry for the Netflix suggestion of Luchador Underground. I checked out a few episodes and wow. Now those Luchas are flying around in my head all day! GO JOHNNY MUNDO!

Topic: Wrestling, being more than just a musician

Next week: Dada Fructose - Topics: Spoken Word, and lightning round.

Only Everything: Ruben The Artist EP 18

Oh what is this a man who befriends monsters! Ruben Trujillo is quite the fan of monsters! His favorite being Frankenstein, and it really shows in his Sound Affection impersonation! Thank you Ruben for such a fantastic conversation about beasts beyond belief, and death as an impossible monster!

Topic: Monsters and street art

Next week: Oliver Elf Army, Topic: The great British Bake off, and Starting a band!

Only Everything: Alex Johnston EP 13

Alex and I talk about the process of song writing and Christianity! Sound Affection gets some unique action! Check out Alex Johnston and dozens of other bands at the Fisherman's Village Music Festival starting 3/31! A second title for our conversation could be "The infinite expanse of music". - agreed. 

Topics: Song Writing, and Christianity

Next week: Kayla and Rachel talk about Avena and Woodblock Prints

Only Everything: Simon Nicol EP12

Simon Nicol is a frequency wrangler! we had a wonderful conversation about the subtle changes to sounds that can make all the difference in the world. I try to mimic the sound of silence, and Simon embraces social media! Sorry about the BUZZSAW!

Topic: Music Production, social media

next week: Alex Johnston - Songwriting and Christianity

Only Everything Conversations: Ep10 Taylor Smith

Taylor has been a wonderful and kind friend to me. I appreciate her honesty and bold questioning and of course her passion for knitting. I have not met anyone as enthused about putting yarn together as this woman. Please enjoy a wonderful conversation about knitting and the reason why we wear glasses. hint: it isn't just to see better.

Topic: Knitting, Glasses

Next week: Taylor Best - Star Wars, Tatoos

Only Everything Conversation: Ep9 Scotty Smith (Part1)

I first met Scotty Smith hanging out at one of the Sets in the West shows and I thought. Hmm. This guy really seems like his is thinking about something different than the rest of us. After many conversations with him I have grown to love the beanie wearing smiling blond man in overalls. There are many trails that this conversation heads down, and I feel like on many points we only scratched the surface. Perhaps he will be back again someday after his world Rock and Roll tour!

Also check out this KEXP Fauna shade live KEXP video for kicks!

Topics: Shoes, Being Human... pooping.

Next week: Taylor Smith - Knitting and Glasses


Only Everything Conversations: Episode 5 Megan Moore

I put up a list of potential topics, and I was shocked to hear the enthusiasm Megan showed regarding wall paint. We are all unique individuals and finding enjoyment is something we all must do in order to live well. This conversation was enjoyably hilarious and covers two unique subjects. Thank you Megan for your wit and humor making this such a delight. 

Topics: Wall Paint, Peanut Butter

Next week: Morrissey and Creativity with Alex Campion.

Only Everything Podcast: Episode 4 Wade Oberlin

Rock Criticism is what this conversation is all about. I had only recently met Wade who works at KSER ( our local radio station here in Everett, but this conversation was very fascinating to me. I am starting to discover after 4 podcasts that this is my higher education. I, just like we all, can learn a lot from talking and opening up to other humans. We all have ideas of how things should be and then Wade T. Oberlin shatters those concepts with details about Rock Critic legend Richard Meltzer. 

Topics: Richard Meltzer, Puzzles, and Record packaging!